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“It was a blessing, yeah, entirely. Number one, what changed my life was that I had a job that wasn’t just just over in three weeks. This was a job that went on for six years and I mean, what actor gets to say that? It was an absolute blessing. It was so much fun. You know what, in retrospect, anything that at the time felt negative completely is insignificant now. I had such a great time, I made dear, dear friends and had a wonderful working experience. I got to live in New York for six years, the city welcomed us all with open arms and these are memories that I’ll cherish and never let go of.” — Ed Westwick (about his time on Gossip Girl x)

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Ed Westwick at the premiere of ‘Romeo And Juliet’ at ArcLight Cinemas | September 24, 2013

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Ed Westwick at the GQ China Men of the Year award ceremony in Beijing | 09.07.13 

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cb + places (waldorf residence - blair’s bedroom)